AR Systems Develops New App for Comprehensive Mobile Management of Kiosks and Automated Retailing Systems

AR Systems (, a leading developer of an array of innovative engineering processes, automation controls, data collection services, wireless management tools, and technological solutions to everyday challenges, unveiled a revolutionary mobile app that allows owners and operators of ARS machines to have full control of their systems from their smart phone.


The ARS Kiosk Manager, which is available on the Apple App Store, provides an array of features that give instantaneous insight into all system functions, including sales reports, inventory levels, and  internal environment; plus control of system parameters, including service lock and unlock, perishable product detection settings, and even temperature control.

With the ARS Kiosk Manager, system owners and operators can run their business from virtually anywhere, 24/7.

The app uses data encryption via the ARS Cloud for optimum security. With a simple touch of a button, panel access can be locked or unlocked remotely to make restocking more secure. The App can also instantly activate the product delivery chute in case of a vending malfunction, so customer service issues are a thing of the past.

There has never been a more technologically advanced kiosk management app.

The app works on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. An Android compatible version is in development.

Shannon Illingworth, Chief Innovation Officer at AR Systems, is considered one of the leading figures in the automation industry, and has developed patented technologies that are in use today in thousands of systems worldwide.

“Automation is making businesses run smoother and more profitably, while giving customers time savings and convenience,” he said. “Our goal at AR Systems is to always be looking far out on to the horizon to see what we can invent today that will make an impact on the world tomorrow.”