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Introducing our new ARS App for managing your kiosks 24/7 from anywhere on your Apple iPhone, iPad or Android device.


ARS Remote Management System is the hub for your smart kiosks. Export reports and data, load products, set promotions, edit your kiosk shopper interface look and feel, and much more.


Touchscreen interfaces, remote inventory control, sales and marketing tools. Our kiosks can display FDA-compliant nutritional information.


From advertising screens, to custom software and graphic wraps; ARS offers several custom options to maximize your brand, space, and revenue.


AR Systems offers several ready to run automated stores with touchscreen interfaces, remote/app management and many options to expand.

AR Touch Store

The Ultimate in Automated Retailing

AR Touch Store System features two machines more inventory space, 24-inch…

AR Touch Station

Products Display via Interactive Touchscreen

AR Touch Station Automated System features a large interactive 24-inch…

AR Touch Plus

Add Innovative Technology

AR Touch Plus Automated System can add modern technology via…

AR Touch

Gain an Audience & Advertising Revenue

AR Touch Automated System features a large 23-inch HD screen…


Sell fresh food, drinks, gadgets, gifts and more.

Our Automated Retail Systems can be tailored to include a range of products to satisfy any consumer demand. Everything from iPhone gadgets to fresh salads is now available from an automated store, with even more innovations coming in the future.

The AR Systems’ next generation product dispensing systems have a considerable competitive advantage over other units, including a lower cost and higher operating efficiency.


With tempurature controls, remote inventory management and FDA-required nutritional information displays; ARS kiosks are perfect for dispensing food, drinks and snacks.


Security options, large delivery and adjustable spaces for different sized items provide the perfect automated store for retailing headphones, phone cases, gadgets and other higher end items.


Large screen pay stations and expandable machines mean near endless options to customize your kiosk layout and increase your sales traffic.


Creating automated systems do not end with kiosks and vending machines at ARS. We have used our technology in a number of fields.

growpod-2-1-8According to the USDA, agriculture and agriculture-related industries contributed $985 billion to the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) in 2014, a 5.7-percent share.

The Indoor Farming sector is by far the fastest growing segment of the agriculture industry. Forecast $9 billion, the explosive growth of this sector is attributable to several factors, including the need to supply food production in underserved areas, the rise of rural farming, and the fact that 39 states in the nation grow less produce than they consume – causing imports, distribution costs and higher prices.

Additionally, traditional outdoor farms are going high-tech, with new, sophisticated soil sensing devices, automatic watering controls, and remote system management.

AR Systems develops the controls and management systems that power these new generation farms.

These technologies are creating the future of the agriculture industry, and AR Systems is leading the way.


Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is one of the fastest growing sectors in the $1.6 trillion US healthcare industry. RPM uses special sensors and wireless transmission of data to monitor patient’s health in a variety of vital areas.

AR Systems is building new solutions for the collection, management and transmission of this data, and is positioned to become a leading player in the future of healthcare delivery.


The global retailing industry is worth a whopping $25 trillion, and accounts for an estimated two-thirds of the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP).

However, the retailing industry is undergoing a profound shift, and major retailers are finding new ways to engage consumers, increase sales opportunities, build their brands, and reduce costs.

AR Systems has developed a new generation of Automated Retailing Systems that are designed to meet the needs of the changing retailing industry, by infusing technological solutions into generations-old selling models.


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