AR Systems develops technologies that connect people to machines, by creating system automation, management controls, and user interfaces for a variety of market sectors, including retailing, agriculture, vending, pharmaceuticals, and human engagement.


ARS offers several custom options to maximize your brand, space, and revenue. From advertising screens, to custom software and graphic wraps; ARS can build an automated store that fits your needs.



AR Systems has been building vending machines and providing innovative solutions to the worldwide market for many years. As an industry leader, we offer a full line of customized and ready to operate vending solutions, loaded with all the latest features.


AR Systems’ custom-oriented approach both increases convenience for consumers and expands use of vending machines into new applications – including retail environments, tools, safety equipment, office supplies, school lunches, medical supplies, and more.



The ease in which vending machines can be tracked with either a computer or hand held device is astonishing. In today’s high speed information network, we connect all the dots to make a vending business, self service kiosk, or automated retail store more successful than ever before.


AR Systems offers several ready to run automated stores.

AR Micro Store

The Ultimate in Automated Retailing

AR Micro Store System features two machines more inventory space, 24-inch…

AR Merchant

Products Display via Interactive Touchscreen

AR Merchant Automated System features a large interactive 24-inch touchscreen…

AR Retro

Add Innovative Technology

AR Retro Automated System can add modern technology via an 8-inch touchscreen…

AR Retail Media

Gain an Audience & Advertising Revenue

AR Retail Media Automated System features a large 23-inch HD…

AR Stealth

High End Look & Technology

AR Stealth Black Automated System features a 8-inch touchscreen, LED…


AR Systems is Leading the Path to a Brighter Future

AR Systems provides technological solutions that increase productivity, improve distribution of goods, enhance health, lower costs, and enrich quality of life.

AR Systems is providing established and emerging markets an array of innovative engineering processes, automation controls, data collection, wireless management, and technological solutions to everyday challenges.

growpod-2-1-8According to the USDA, agriculture and agriculture-related industries contributed $985 billion to the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) in 2014, a 5.7-percent share.

The Indoor Farming sector is by far the fastest growing segment of the agriculture industry. Forecast $9 billion, the explosive growth of this sector is attributable to several factors, including the need to supply food production in underserved areas, the rise of rural farming, and the fact that 39 states in the nation grow less produce than they consume – causing imports, distribution costs and higher prices.

Additionally, traditional outdoor farms are going high-tech, with new, sophisticated soil sensing devices, automatic watering controls, and remote system management.

AR Systems develops the controls and management systems that power these new generation farms.

These technologies are creating the future of the agriculture industry, and AR Systems is leading the way.


Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is one of the fastest growing sectors in the $1.6 trillion US healthcare industry. RPM uses special sensors and wireless transmission of data to monitor patient’s health in a variety of vital areas.

AR Systems is building new solutions for the collection, management and transmission of this data, and is positioned to become a leading player in the future of healthcare delivery.


The global retailing industry is worth a whopping $25 trillion, and accounts for an estimated two-thirds of the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP).

However, the retailing industry is undergoing a profound shift, and major retailers are finding new ways to engage consumers, increase sales opportunities, build their brands, and reduce costs.

AR Systems has developed a new generation of Automated Retailing Systems that are designed to meet the needs of the changing retailing industry, by infusing technological solutions into generations-old selling models.


Food – Drink – Snacks – Gadgets – Gifts

Our Automated Retail Systems can be tailored to include a range of products to satisfy any consumer demand. Everything from iPods to caviar is now available from an automated store, with even more innovations coming in the future.

The AR Systems’ next generation product dispensing systems have a considerable competitive advantage over other units, including a lower cost and higher operating efficiency.


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